PCI334 Four Port High Performance PCI WAN Communications Adapter

PTI's PCI334 Intelligent Synchronous WAN Communications Adapter provides four high performance synchronous/serial channels for WAN connectivity. The adapter is ideally suited for use within SS7 nodes, or as an interface to T1 routers, DSU/CSUs, frame relay access devices, high speed modems, or other high speed communication devices.

The PCI334 plays a significant role in making Performance Technologies a full-line supplier of innovative telecommunications and networking products that enable the convergence of wireline, wireless and next generation Internet Protocol networks.


Multipurpose intelligent WAN communications adapter For network connections within SS7 nodes, as an interface to T1 routers, DSU/CSUs, frame relay access devices, high speed modems, or other high speed communication devices
Four high speed channels Capable of sustaining 2 Mbps per port for the variety of protocols used in synchronous data communications
4MB of shared DRAM Memory
Handles onboard protocol processing and heavy traffic loads without compromising system performance
Based on the Motorola MC68360 QUICC® Processor Provides high-speed, onboard protocol execution with minimal system utilization
Dual independent, bi-directional DMA's for high throughput Offloads host CPU workload
128 KB flash PROM Simplifies field firmware upgrades
Integrated WAN Communications Software PTI's WAN Protocol Suite includes HDLC, Frame Relay, LAPD, X.25, and PPP
Broad Operating System Support Solaris®, Windows NT®, Linux®
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Hardware Features

The PCI334 is designed as a fully programmable communications subsystem capable of sustaining high data rates for a variety of protocols used in synchronous data communications.

The architecture of the PCI334 capitalizes on the intelligence of Motorola's MC68360 QUICC® datacomm processor, enabling it as a specialized communications controller.

The PCI334 adapter enhances overall system performance by utilizing its onboard intelligence and large DRAM array to handle much of the low level communications that typically burden the host system. The DRAM also eases the downloading of protocols for stand-alone code execution by relegating most of the serial I/O communication related processing to the PCI334.

Extensive Software Support

With a well-defined API, the integrated protocol suite from Performance Technologies reduces time to market by eliminating unnecessary development time at the hardware/protocol level. The protocols for our standard WAN hardware products enable development engineers to proceed directly to integration and application development efforts.

PTI's comprehensive suite of WAN communications protocols provides complete WAN connectivity solutions for Frame Relay, HDLC, LAPD, X.25, SS7, and PPP protocols. Operating system support includes Solaris®, Windows NT®, and Linux®.

For the Solaris® environment, PTI's ComLinkTM Communications Software provides both a transparent link to all SunLink® protocols, as well as a documented set of driver primitives for developing synchronous/serial related applications.


Performance 4 Ports @ 2 Mbps bi-directional,
simultaneously, sustained 8 Mbps max line speed
Processor 25 MHz Motorola MC68360 QUICC®
Memory 4 MB shared DRAM
Bus Structure PCI Revision 2.1 compliant, including all PCI required configuration registers and protocols
Physical Interface RS-232C/DB25, RS-449/DB37, and V.35/M34
Modem Control CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RTS (also RI, LT for V.35)
Protocol Support HDLC, Frame Relay, LAPD, X.25, SS7, and PPP
Compliance All currently applicable ANSI/ISO standards
MTBF > 400,000 power-on hours (POH)
Power 9 watts maximum (1.75 A @ +5 V)
Dimensions 10.5 cm x 15.5 cm (short slot compliant)
Temperature Operating: 0X to 50X C (32X to 122X F)
Non-operating: -20X to 80X C (-4X to 176X F)