ChanneLink™ Software

Performance Technologies' ChanneLink™ communications software provides users of its high performance family of T1/E1 communications adapters an easy way to run a variety of SunSoft™ communications protocols in either a channelized or non-channelized mode.

ChanneLink is architected to provide a totally transparent link between the SunSoft protocols and Performance Technologies' T1/E1 communications adapters. ChanneLink is capable of transmitting and receiving T1/E1 data, and sustaining high speed data rates for a variety of protocols used in telecommunications and datacommunications applications.

ChanneLink can also be used as a standard API and Solaris® driver for non-SunSoft applications.

Users of Sun's suite of communication protocols, such as X.25, Frame Relay, PPP, Internetwork Router (IR), etc. can quickly and easily integrate Performance Technologies' high performance, intelligent synchronous communications adapters for PCI, CompactPCI, or PMC based systems, with the desired SunSoft protocol.


Transparent Link Between Performance Technologies'
Hardware and SunSoft Protocols
For use with ALL of Performance Technologies' 37X/38X family of WAN T1/E1 communications adapters
Allows Full Provisioning of T1 or E1 Links For clear channel, fractional, or fully channelized operation
Compatible with All Sparc Solaris 2.X Platforms Easy 'plug n play' installations
Supports Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Provides the capability to run most SunSoft protocols onboard, freeing the host CPU for other tasks
Boardside Binary Incorporated into Driver Allows easy firmware upgrades

High-Performance Hardware

ChanneLink, when operating with Performance Technologies' family of T1/E1 communications adapters, allows the user to configure the T1/E1 lines for clear channel (single high speed link), fractional (DS0/Channel grouping) or channelized (each DS0/Channel treated as an individual link) operation.

The 37X/38X are intelligent communication adapters for PCI, CompactPCI®, or PMC based systems, and include onboard 40Mhz or 80Mhz Motorola MPC860MH PowerQUICC® RISC CPU and memory dedicated to the WAN communication function. In addition, the 37X/38X adapters have onboard DSU/CSU functionality that allow direct connection to T1 or E1 lines, terminating the feed as either clear channel, fractional or fully channelized. Onboard intelligence allows the Solaris workstation, server, or embedded system to be off-loaded from many of the low level communication tasks such as T1/E1 channelization, link statistics and management that it must perform when there is no native intelligence on the PCI, CompactPCI, or PMC controller.

Supported Hardware Adapters

System Requirements

PCI / CompactPCI / PMC bus

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Performance Technologies warrants its products against defects in parts and labor for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.