STC-2AD2DA: 2xADC & 2xDAC Module

STC-2AD2DA Specification: [ down load 2AD2DA PDF  ,  C6416 DSK]

  • 2 channel ADC, 3MHz sampling rate each, 14bit resolution, ±10V Input

  • 2 channel DAC, 500KHz setting frequency, 14bit resolution, ±10V Output

  • ADC/DAC with filter, Gain and offset adjust

  • 8 bit digital in, 8 bit digit out with 8bit LED indicator

  • 80pin *2 Interface, Suitable for TI TMS 320C 6416 DSK, C 6713 DSK and C 6711 DSK board

  • Total 8 set of modules may stack into a system together

  • Offers C Source Code, Example program and driver software

 STC-2AD2DA Applications:

  • Voice signal acquisition

  • Motion speed control

  • PWM signal control

  • Noise data acquisition

  • Echo canceling

  • Modulation (AM, FM, FSK, QPSK, QAM, OFDM) 

  • Vehicle / Building vibration control

  • Spectrum Analysis

  • Multi channel signal generator

  • Multi channel data log

TMS320C6416 (1GHz) DSP Starter Kit (DSK)









Hardware Features

  • Texas Instruments TMS3206416 DSP 1GHz.

  • Embedded USB JTAG controller with plug and play, USB cable included

  • TLV320AIC23 codec

  • 2M x 64 on board SDRAM

  • 512K bytes of on board Flash ROM

  • 3 expansion connectors (Memory Interface, Peripheral Interface, and Host Port Interface)

  • On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG connection for optional emulator debug

  • Four 3.5 mm. audio jacks (microphone, line-in, speaker, line-out)

  • 4 user definable LEDs

  • 4 position dip switch, user definable

  • +5 Volt operation only, power supply included

  • Size: 8.25" x 4.5" (210 x 115 mm )

  • Compatible with Spectrum Digital's DSK Wire Wrap Prototype Card

Software Features

  • TMS320C6416 specific Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments

  • Test/sample code provided to reduce coding time

  • Compatible with JTAG emulators from Spectrum Digital

  • Compatible with Win 98 SE/2000/XP

What's Included

  • TMS 320C 6416 (1GHz) DSK Board

  • Code Composer Studio for C6416 DSK

  • USB Cable

  • AC Power Cord(s) and Power Supply

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Technical Reference (includes schematics)

  • Customer Support Guide

Do You Need ?

  • DSK Wire Wrap Prototype Card

  • Over 13 square inches of prototyping area

  • Three expansion busses (External Memory Interface, External Peripheral Interface, Host Port Interface)

  • Compatible with TI DSP Starter Kit (DSKs)

  • Compatible with Spectrum Digital VC5416, VC5510, C6713, C6416 DSKs

  • 16 user defined busses

  • Prototype card with expansion connectors populated

  • 9 and 25 pin male D-Connectors, not populated

DSK& I/O peripheral:

l  STC-6xEN (12xADC, 8xDAC, 6xPWM,  6xEncoder, 16 DI, 16 DO)

l  STC-2AD2DA (2xADC, 2xDAC, 8x DI, 8x DO, 8x LED)

l  STC-ARM9 (ARM 9 CPU, Linux OS, 64Kx16 DPRAM, Ethernet, USB, RS-232)